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    How to Maintain Your Stainless Steel Multi Tools

    If you’re carrying a stainless steel multi-tool or pocket knife, it goes to show that you’re prepared to solve future problems whenever they arise. The biggest part of being prepared is to have the forethought to recognize future problems before you encounter them and make the necessary changes to solve those problems. When it comes to tools you should count on, it’s imperative that you keep them properly maintained and ready to use when you need them. That means keeping your multi-tool in the best shape possible, and that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article today. Most modern stainless steel multi tools don’t rust because stainless steel…

  • Sleeping Bags

    Why Mummy Sleeping Bags Are the Best Choice for Camping

    One of the main pieces of gear you’re going to be using overnight in the outdoors is your sleeping bag, and we are going to assist you in finding what style of bag is best for camping. It doesn’t matter if you intend to sleep in the backcountry or in a campground, you must choose between two shapes for sleeping bags, which are the rectangular-shaped sleeping bag and the more traditional mummy-style sleeping, which is more compact and form-fitting. This bag tends to resemble an Egyptian mummy, hence the name. First, let’s get one thing clear, all types of sleeping bags have their own characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths, and we’re…

  • Tents

    The Key to Finding Affordable Tents for Families

    A favorite past time for most families is car camping, and whether the campground is the main attraction or it’s just your base camp for nearby activities, this article is going to find the right camping tent that will be your home away from home. The problem most people face when it comes to shopping for tents is that there are too many options out there in the market. We’ll break down everything to give you the key to finding affordable tents for families right here. The first thing to focus on when selecting your tent is to choose a model that is based on your group’s size and whether…

  • Outdoor Gear

    The Must-Have Gear You Need for All Outdoor Activities

    If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, you should know about the essential gear that every outdoor enthusiast must own. These gears are also common for nearly all types of outdoor recreation irrespective of if you’re a backpacker, hiker, or into fishing trips, hunting, or survival excursions. The gear for outdoors we’re highlighting in this post will not only improve your experience but may also save your life in some scenarios. That’s the reason why you must carefully consider each product that meets your personal needs with special attention paid to their dependability, quality, and durability. The first thing you need will be a tent for anyone who is planning…

  • Sleeping Bags

    Vital Tips for Choosing Sleeping Bags

    If you’re thinking about camping this year, you must ensure that you’ve got the right supplies and equipment to stay safe and comfortable. One thing that will make a difference to your camping experience is going to be the sleeping bag that you are using. There are plenty of quality sleeping bags for sale in the market, but what should you consider when buying one? That’s the question we are going to be answering because the type of sleeping that you buy will depend on when, where, and how you’re planning on using it. Are you going to be in a camper, a tent, or under the stars? If you’re…

  • Sleeping Bags

    Perfect for Mild Weather Backpacking: Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag

    You know you have a winner when veteran campers hold onto a sleeping bag for years on end. With Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag’s high performing synthetic fill, you’ll find that it is the perfect product for mild weather camping and backpacking. Need a little more than our guarantee? It’s understandable because this sleeping bag’s Insotect Hotstream feature dries up much faster than others and provides the perfect amount of warmth – even when it’s wet! Naturally, this is an important feature to have during humid or wet weather climates. What’s more, this sleeping bag’s Nylon rip-stop shell fabric offers users with the right surface treatment to help protect the…

  • Sleeping Bags

    The Perfect Fit: The Snugpak Basecamp Sleeping Bag

    Worried about choosing the wrong sleeping bag for your next camping vacation? Well, you should be. Finding the right fit for your sleeping bags is almost as important as choosing the right tent. Length isn’t much of an important consideration if you’ve got an average height. The shape, however, is important because it reflects the style of camping you plan on doing. Now there are three basic shapes, and the most popular amongst outdoorsy individuals is the mummy bag. This is because of the fact that they have a snug fit which tapers down at the feet, which, by the way, also makes it the warmest option. What’s more, the…

  • Outdoor Gear

    Why You NEED a Multi-Tool in the Outdoors

    If you believe that hunting and fishing multi-tools are a modern consideration, you’re mistaken. This idea dates back to about 201 to 300 AD – which by the way, is as far back as the Roman Empire. The earliest examples, however, were based purely around eating and presumably gave soldiers a larger assortment of utensils on-the-go. It wasn’t until WW2 that these multi-tools gained popularity on a global scale – which is why they are still commonly known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’. Now, these multi-tools can be found with a large variety of tools and carry options because metalworkers and engineers keep revisiting the idea of making them more…

  • Tents

    A Quick Guide to Fast Pitch Tents

    It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out for your first camping adventure or if you are a seasoned veteran – you need to hear what we’ve got to say. For most of us backpackers, camping vacations are the only thing we really look forward to in all 365 days of a year. There’s no need to justify this to anyone because camping helps us slip away from our fast-paced lives so we can enjoy the true beauty of life – the outdoors. Of course, unless you live camping in a cabin or in your RV, you WILL have to experience the hassle of setting up your tent. This can be…

  • Tents

    How to Pick the Best Tents for Camping

    Tired of your old tent? Or is this your first time buying a tent? Well, summer is right around the corner and with it, your favorite summer pastime – camping. Now whether you’re driving up to the campground because of its facilities or you plan on enjoying the nearby activities, you need to know how to pick the right tent. It’ll probably take you a whole year to compare the best tents on the internet – so why not just pick a brand that is known for the best camping gear? Having said that, what could possibly be better than finding Coleman tents online? You probably already know how Coleman…