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    Benefits of Having An Emergency Survival Blanket

    The cold and harsh weather conditions put you at dangerous risks if you’re not prepared for an emergency, or if you conquer the wild without the right gear and clothing. Warm yourself after a day of outdoor activities and cozy up in an emergency survival blanket. It comes with important benefits you should highly consider looking into. It’s hard to imagine comfort when you’re sleeping on the earth looking up at the sky. Okay, that’s not a bad idea at all, but you need to protect yourself from the elements if you want to go back and do it all over again. More than for keeping warm during outdoor fun,…

  • Food Storage

    Why Get A WISE Food Grab N’ Go Bucket

    So you’re thinking about putting together a survival rations pack to get you and the entire family through any type of emergency. Let’s help you save the trouble and introduce you to the WISE Food Grab N’ Go Bucket. It’s a practical solution for all your food needs in times of natural calamities and or man-made disasters. The WISE Food Grab N’ Go Bucket is available in different sizes and serves to target different ration needs. There’s a breakfast only bucket, 72-hour emergency food, freeze dried fruit bucket, and entree only food kit to mention some. The easy to carry and durable Grab N’ Go container contains ready-made meals that…

  • Survival

    The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Tools

    Survivalism, camping, trekking, fishing – these, over the years have become such a big trend and a fun hobby for many, more so for those who enjoy extreme outdoor adventures. Outdoor survival tools are of utmost importance if you’re looking to join the rising love for nature activities and experiences. You’ll find hundreds of Outdoor survival tools claiming to be the best in the market, but which one of these products should you really invest it? Don’t worry, and don’t focus too much on what the best this and that are popping out in the field of outdoor tools because you’ll only get overwhelmed. Instead, start by listing down the…

  • Auto Emergency

    Why You Need A Family Car First Aid Kit

    When on the road with your family, go the extra mile to ensure everyone’s safety and prepare with a family car first aid kit. The secret to building your family’s emergency first aid items in the car is to imagine every scenario that could happen while you’re driving with your loved ones. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how to best gear up for anything. You don’t need to go through the trouble of making your own family car first aid kit because you can find them available in sets, with all the essentials already inside. But if you want to add more, then its best to involve…

  • Auto Emergency

    Essential Items For A Complete Car Emergency Kit

    Road accidents are more common than we think. Hence, protect yourself out there by making sure that you have a complete car emergency kit. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself involved in one or in a broken down vehicle in the middle of nowhere, you know you are ready enough to survive on your own until help arrives. A complete car emergency kit is now available in many survival gear stores online, conveniently packed and ready for your next drive. But if you want to add some items or seek to build your own personal auto kit, then start by getting a first aid kit for your car.…

  • Emergency Preparedness

    Stock Up On Freeze Dried Fruit For Emergencies

    One of the most important items to stock up on in preparing for an emergency is ready-to-eat food that will not spoil for a long time. One good example is freeze dried fruit, a healthy food option that’s also big on taste and nutritional value. In stocking up food for your survival and emergency preparedness supplies, include freeze dried fruit to the mix. This crispy and tasty snack option have a shelf-life of over 20 years. They are a delicious snack that’s great even for everyday munching. It’s more common to see people pile up on canned food but unfortunately, many of those products do not provide much in the…

  • Survival

    What To Buy: Survival Gear For Sale

    Always prepare for the worst and have all the right gear and the essential survival items for when emergencies and calamities strike, whether you’re at home or out on a rough adventure. Protect yourself and your family, don’t think twice about shopping for survival gear for sale. If you don’t know what survival tool and equipment to buy, we have some great recommendations for you to consider. When you’re out to buy survival gear for sale, start with the basics in mind. Your survival and emergency preparedness kit should include knives, multitools and safety goggles. For hygiene, a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, wet wipes, and tissues. Expect power outage in…

  • Emergency Preparedness

    Enjoy Compact Function With A Travel Size Emergency Kit

    Wherever you’re next vacation takes you, it’s always a good idea to have a travel size emergency kit packed along. You can never tell when you need to pop something for headaches, tummy troubles, or treat minor cuts. With a compact medicine travel kit, you know your always prepared. Being on the go means your essentials should be stored in efficiently-sized pouches to avoid the extra luggage and weight. As such, a travel size emergency kit is the perfect item to ensure that you always have access to your medicine and immediate treatments to minor medical emergencies, if ever one arises. You’ll find this particularly useful when you’re visiting a…