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  • Emergency Preparedness

    A family car first aid kit

    Injuries though sometimes avoidable, are inevitable. Whether you go out not, injuries happen especially with children. First aid kits are provided to help you take care of minor injuries to prevent infection. A family car first aid kit provides coverage for you and your family in case of an injury while on the road. In a family car first aid kit, you will find bandages and gauze, iodine, plaster, topical ointments, mild analgesics, and hydrogen peroxide. Plus, methylated spirit and other first aid items for managing a variety of injuries. A family car first aid kit gives peace of mind and helps protect the family against serious health threats during…

  • Survival

    Outdoor survival tools: must have pieces of outdoor survival tools

    These days, with the increasing rates of natural disasters, surviving outdoors has become more difficult than ever. Whether you are a survivalist or not, outdoor survival tools are must have. Even if the highest outdoor adventure you will have is a walk in the woods, outdoor survival tools. Outdoor preparedness is fundamentally about meeting the most basic needs first. So, your outdoor survival tools will start from the basics. You will need knives for cutting and clearing your path, a saw is also important for cutting. For finding locations, you will need a compass. A whistle is necessary for calling for help. You need a flashlight to enable you to…

  • Auto Emergency

    72 hours family emergency food supply

    When it comes to preparedness for emergencies, there is nothing like excess preparation. Some people may risk starvation for up to three days, but you wouldn’t want your family going through that. Adding hunger to the struggles that they have to go through in an emergency is not helpful at all. It is not enough to have food in the house, it is important that the food is enough. Therefore, a family emergency food supply kit is your best bet. Choosing a family emergency food supply comes with a lot of benefits. First, it contains enough servings to last your family for 72 hours. Second, the meals do not taste…

  • Auto Emergency

    A car first aid bag

    Every time you are about to hit the road, consider the road preparedness of you and your car. This is very important because as long as you drive a car, you ought to prepare for emergencies. Getting a car first aid bag is a good way to stay prepared. Yes! In the case of an accident or other emergencies, a car first aid bag can save lives. It will help you and others stay alive until help comes. A standard car first aid bag contains all the important items you will need in an emergency. There is food (calorie bars) and water, with up to 5 years shelf life. There…

  • Food Storage

    Freeze dried food in bulk for emergencies

    No one ever expects emergencies to happen when they happen, that is why they are called emergencies in the first place. If only we could predict the future so that we can prepare adequately. When there is an emergency, one thing is important – food. Be it the loss of a loved one or a natural disaster, you will need food to stay healthy. As you weather the storm, you will need to replenish your strength. A good way to stock up food for emergencies is to freeze dried food in bulk. This emergency food supply that you build when you freeze dried food in bulk could save your life.…

  • Emergency Preparedness

    The emergency preparedness supplies you need

    When an emergency happens, we are not forewarned. When the elements take a turn for the worse in form of tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. we all suffer. Properties are ruined, power lines go down, people get injured and sometimes, there is even chemical leak and more. The sorry state of things after a natural disaster can easily plunge an unprepared person into difficulty. Therefore, choosing to stock up for unpredictable and inevitable emergency situations is a wise thing. Emergencies preparedness supplies contain the basic items necessary to keep you safe. First, you will need lights especially if the power lines are down. Your emergency preparedness supplies will include a generator…

  • Survival

    Basic supplies in a disaster preparedness kit

    The alarming rate of disasters and its unpredictability makes a disaster preparedness kit a must-have. When tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes or volcanoes erupt, it is important that you are well-prepared. A disaster preparedness supplies is top on the list for these times. An adequate disaster preparedness kit is one that contains some recommended basic supplies. A disaster preparedness kit contains one gallon of water per person. This water is both for drinking and sanitation, and enough to last at least three days. Garbage and plastic bags are included for sanitary purposes to prevent contamination. Further, the kit contains non-perishable food that is enough to last at least three days. It includes…

  • Survival

    What to expect in a 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit

    Outdoors activities are unpredictable, that is why a 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit is a great choice. This kit offers the materials necessary to survive for days in the outdoors. The question therefore is – what should you expect? A 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit contains food and water, light and communication, shelter and warmth. It also contains tools, first aid kit, hygiene and sanitation kit and a number of other items. The food and water contained in this kit have a 5 years shelf-life. It provides enough nutrition to last two people for 72 hours. Each person gets a gallon of water per day for drinking and…