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    Choosing the right family survival supplies

    Ensuring your family is in the best position is your number 1 priority. That includes making sure that things are taken care of in case of emergency, too. Before you continue, make a list of situations that you should be prepared for. You should consider 72-hours, 1-week and beyond one week as good starting points. Having the right supplies for your family could make a big difference in a tight spot like a flood or tornado. Perhaps the easiest thing to prepare is long-term-storage food as is provided by several companies like Wise or Making sure that you have a generator is important when prepping for an emergency. Flood,…

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    Preparing Car Emergency Essentials

    When it comes to an emergency, you can never be too prepared. Emergencies are going to happen regardless of whether you’re prepared, so you should do what you can while you can to be prepared for them with car emergency essentials. We can’t prepare for everything, but we can prepare and be ready for many things. That is why having supplies ready and standing by is so important. Your car being ready is no exception. There are several things that we can get ready that will prove useful that you can prepare for. This blog will go over several of those major things that you can have prepared in case…

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    Different Types of Wise Fire Bucket

    Whether or not you’re an avid outdoors person or you’re new to survival and you’re just trying to prepare for the worst-case scenario, you’ve likely heard of Wise Company. OR maybe you’ve heard of the Wise fire bucket. If not, they are a premier provider of survival solutions that include prepackaged food as well as kits that help you survive in the outdoors. These aren’t the only thing Wise does but for the sake of this blog, it’s what we will cover. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Wise buckets. You don’t need to have previous knowledge about survival or Wise to take advantage of the advantages of the Wise Company.…

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    Finding The Right Survival Gear For Sale

    Are you searching for new survival gear? Perhaps you want to find new gear to replace worn-out supplies. Do you need help finding the right survival gear for sale? This blog will cover what to look for in a company that provides survival gear. When searching for what you need, you can start with the Red Cross. They have very useful lists on what you need in certain situations and under certain conditions, so those lists are a good place to start. The important thing to start is finding out what you need. Grab a scratch pad and pen or note app and get your list ready. How many people…

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    Benefits And Drawbacks of Freeze Dried Fruit

    If you’re considering purchasing survival food or an emergency food supply, or if you’re just curious about eating freeze-dried fruit, this blog aims to help you figure out some of the things you should know. We won’t go into the exact process of making freeze-dried fruit, there are plenty of articles and blogs out there about that. There are many misconceptions about freeze-dried fruit. It’s a common rumor that freeze-dried fruit is less healthy than fresh fruit- this isn’t the case. Freeze-dried fruit retains the same nutrients if not more than the fresh variety. The fruit that is freeze-dried is often picked at the peak of its ripeness so it…