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  • Tents

    Previewing The Texsport Bivy Tent

    Who doesn’t like to explore the great outdoors. Just because we are in the thick of winter doesn’t mean that we can’t at least day dream and prepare for when it’s time to camp again. Some people prefer not to camp when it’s cold out or if they live in a place with really bad winter weather and that’s ok and understandable. No matter when you like to camp or when you like to get out of the city where you can’t see the lights, there is a deal out there for you. This time of year is a great time to look for tents. Thank you for stopping by…

  • Outdoor Gear

    Why You Need a First Aid Tool Kit

    It is hard to overstate just how valuable a first aid tool kit is to have on hand. No matter if you are in the city out in the winter cold or if you are in the city. They can be used for after school sports because injuries can happen anywhere. They are especially useful if you’re traveling outside of the city where the chances of getting a flat or becoming lost are higher. They are useful for those that backpack a lot or for those that are simply fishing. There are kits for just about every instance, some are geared for fishing and all are geared for hanging in…

  • Sleeping Bags

    Finding a Petite Size Sleeping Bag

    The summer time and the warm breezes are far behind us. They gave way to the cool winds of autumn and in turn the whipping cold and air of winter time. Although the spring time seems a far way off, it is really right around the corner to get to the warmer winds and camping weather of the spring time. With the end of the holidays and now the New Year is here, it is a great time to find deals on sleeping bags, and even a petite size sleeping bag that can be hard to find. Welcome to the blog and thank you very much for stopping by the…

  • Outdoor Gear

    Choosing an SOS Emergency Survival Kit

    Even when you are camping close to civilization, bad things can happen. That’s why it is essential for you to have an sos emergency survival kit close when you are out. Not just when you’re camping, but anywhere outside of the city. It doesn’t hurt to have one with you full time either because anything could happen. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared and to have an emergency kit handy. With natural disasters and other things that could occur, there is no reason not to be prepared, especially if you have the means. There is a kit for every size and occurrence and kits can be for multiple people or…

  • Sleeping Bags

    Previewing Big Agnes Sleeping Bags

    As the winter winds whip and the chill settles in, many of us are dreaming of those summer days spent out in the woods or the springtime hikes that we went on. The coolness of the spring and the crisp air- It’s a far cry from the winter time. Even though the weather is too much for many of us to camp, we can still prepare by getting new gear and this is a great time to buy it as well. With the holiday season here and spring around the corner many stores and companies will be looking to get rid of older models of gear and want to get…