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A Quick Guide to Fast Pitch Tents

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out for your first camping adventure or if you are a seasoned veteran – you need to hear what we’ve got to say. For most of us backpackers, camping vacations are the only thing we really look forward to in all 365 days of a year. There’s no need to justify this to anyone because camping helps us slip away from our fast-paced lives so we can enjoy the true beauty of life – the outdoors. Of course, unless you live camping in a cabin or in your RV, you WILL have to experience the hassle of setting up your tent. This can be quite the challenge if the wind decides to blow away your hard work or if you’re quickly running out of daylight. Don’t worry, though! With fast pitch tents, you’re in for a very speedy setup. Plus, there’s no better feeling in the world than setting up your tent quickly and enjoying a steaming cup of hot beverage while absorbing your new surroundings.

So how do fast pitch tents work? First, you will have to lay your tent out in position, and then peg it loosely to the ground. Next up, it’ll be time to inflate your tent’s air beams using your 2-way pump, which, by the way, is part of the package. Voila, you’ll begin to see your tent rise magically as the beams fill up with air. As soon as you shut off your valves, your job is done! It’s really that easy! What’s more, fast pitch tents can be deconstructed very easily too because all you have to do is release the air in the valve. You might have to a little manual squeezing so you can pack it comfortably, but this would still take only a couple of minutes.

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