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Basic supplies in a disaster preparedness kit

The alarming rate of disasters and its unpredictability makes a disaster preparedness kit a must-have. When tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes or volcanoes erupt, it is important that you are well-prepared. A disaster preparedness supplies is top on the list for these times. An adequate disaster preparedness kit is one that contains some recommended basic supplies.

A disaster preparedness kit contains one gallon of water per person. This water is both for drinking and sanitation, and enough to last at least three days. Garbage and plastic bags are included for sanitary purposes to prevent contamination. Further, the kit contains non-perishable food that is enough to last at least three days. It includes a radio (battery-powered or Hank crank) and an NOAA Weather radio that has a tone alert.

More so, this kit contains other recommended items like a flashlight, first aid kit, and extra batteries. A whistle is included to help you signal for help, and a dust mask to help filter contaminated air. Tools like wrenches and pliers are included to help you turn off utilities. There is also a local map to guide you if and when you need to move. A cellphone with extra charged batteries is also included.