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    A family car first aid kit

    Injuries though sometimes avoidable, are inevitable. Whether you go out not, injuries happen especially with children. First aid kits are provided to help you take care of minor injuries to prevent infection. A family car first aid kit provides coverage for you and your family in case of an injury while on the road. In a family car first aid kit, you will find bandages and gauze, iodine, plaster, topical ointments, mild analgesics, and hydrogen peroxide. Plus, methylated spirit and other first aid items for managing a variety of injuries. A family car first aid kit gives peace of mind and helps protect the family against serious health threats during…

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    The emergency preparedness supplies you need

    When an emergency happens, we are not forewarned. When the elements take a turn for the worse in form of tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. we all suffer. Properties are ruined, power lines go down, people get injured and sometimes, there is even chemical leak and more. The sorry state of things after a natural disaster can easily plunge an unprepared person into difficulty. Therefore, choosing to stock up for unpredictable and inevitable emergency situations is a wise thing. Emergencies preparedness supplies contain the basic items necessary to keep you safe. First, you will need lights especially if the power lines are down. Your emergency preparedness supplies will include a generator…

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    Why The 7-Day Emergency Food Supply Is Vital

    You must have read, heard a story or even watched a movie where people survived a catastrophe by simply storing food for emergency purposes. Well, that is not something imaginable. It is something real and something that can be done. When you store food, for example, 7-day emergency food supply that consists of dried food, packed food, and any other non-perishable food reserve, you can have something to eat for an entire week. When you hear of the 7-day emergency food supply, the first thing that comes into your mind is the huge amount of food you will have to store. Well, it can be bulky but it is important…

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    The Need for Emergency Food Supply

    We have seen or experienced natural calamities and catastrophes. And one thing that many of us have learned from such happenings is the need to stalk up the emergency food supply. This is not because we are predicting that something bad will happen, no it is just for our own good. Storing food for future use is important in life no matter the situation you are in. People who enjoy hiking, camping, mountaineering or any other outdoor activity should always remember to carry adequate emergency food supply. This should be different from the main food supply. It is called the emergency food reserve because it is meant for supplementing the…

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    Stock Up On Freeze Dried Fruit For Emergencies

    One of the most important items to stock up on in preparing for an emergency is ready-to-eat food that will not spoil for a long time. One good example is freeze dried fruit, a healthy food option that’s also big on taste and nutritional value. In stocking up food for your survival and emergency preparedness supplies, include freeze dried fruit to the mix. This crispy and tasty snack option have a shelf-life of over 20 years. They are a delicious snack that’s great even for everyday munching. It’s more common to see people pile up on canned food but unfortunately, many of those products do not provide much in the…

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    Enjoy Compact Function With A Travel Size Emergency Kit

    Wherever you’re next vacation takes you, it’s always a good idea to have a travel size emergency kit packed along. You can never tell when you need to pop something for headaches, tummy troubles, or treat minor cuts. With a compact medicine travel kit, you know your always prepared. Being on the go means your essentials should be stored in efficiently-sized pouches to avoid the extra luggage and weight. As such, a travel size emergency kit is the perfect item to ensure that you always have access to your medicine and immediate treatments to minor medical emergencies, if ever one arises. You’ll find this particularly useful when you’re visiting a…