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    Why Mummy Sleeping Bags Are the Best Choice for Camping

    One of the main pieces of gear you’re going to be using overnight in the outdoors is your sleeping bag, and we are going to assist you in finding what style of bag is best for camping. It doesn’t matter if you intend to sleep in the backcountry or in a campground, you must choose between two shapes for sleeping bags, which are the rectangular-shaped sleeping bag and the more traditional mummy-style sleeping, which is more compact and form-fitting. This bag tends to resemble an Egyptian mummy, hence the name. First, let’s get one thing clear, all types of sleeping bags have their own characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths, and we’re…

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    Vital Tips for Choosing Sleeping Bags

    If you’re thinking about camping this year, you must ensure that you’ve got the right supplies and equipment to stay safe and comfortable. One thing that will make a difference to your camping experience is going to be the sleeping bag that you are using. There are plenty of quality sleeping bags for sale in the market, but what should you consider when buying one? That’s the question we are going to be answering because the type of sleeping that you buy will depend on when, where, and how you’re planning on using it. Are you going to be in a camper, a tent, or under the stars? If you’re…

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    Perfect for Mild Weather Backpacking: Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag

    You know you have a winner when veteran campers hold onto a sleeping bag for years on end. With Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag’s high performing synthetic fill, you’ll find that it is the perfect product for mild weather camping and backpacking. Need a little more than our guarantee? It’s understandable because this sleeping bag’s Insotect Hotstream feature dries up much faster than others and provides the perfect amount of warmth – even when it’s wet! Naturally, this is an important feature to have during humid or wet weather climates. What’s more, this sleeping bag’s Nylon rip-stop shell fabric offers users with the right surface treatment to help protect the…

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    The Perfect Fit: The Snugpak Basecamp Sleeping Bag

    Worried about choosing the wrong sleeping bag for your next camping vacation? Well, you should be. Finding the right fit for your sleeping bags is almost as important as choosing the right tent. Length isn’t much of an important consideration if you’ve got an average height. The shape, however, is important because it reflects the style of camping you plan on doing. Now there are three basic shapes, and the most popular amongst outdoorsy individuals is the mummy bag. This is because of the fact that they have a snug fit which tapers down at the feet, which, by the way, also makes it the warmest option. What’s more, the…

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    Finding a Petite Size Sleeping Bag

    The summer time and the warm breezes are far behind us. They gave way to the cool winds of autumn and in turn the whipping cold and air of winter time. Although the spring time seems a far way off, it is really right around the corner to get to the warmer winds and camping weather of the spring time. With the end of the holidays and now the New Year is here, it is a great time to find deals on sleeping bags, and even a petite size sleeping bag that can be hard to find. Welcome to the blog and thank you very much for stopping by the…

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    Previewing Big Agnes Sleeping Bags

    As the winter winds whip and the chill settles in, many of us are dreaming of those summer days spent out in the woods or the springtime hikes that we went on. The coolness of the spring and the crisp air- It’s a far cry from the winter time. Even though the weather is too much for many of us to camp, we can still prepare by getting new gear and this is a great time to buy it as well. With the holiday season here and spring around the corner many stores and companies will be looking to get rid of older models of gear and want to get…

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    The Best Types of Youth Sleeping Bags

    Selecting a suitable youth sleeping bag for your child shouldn’t be that difficult as there are so many varieties available in the market. However, you need to consider several things especially whether the sleeping bag is going to fit your child properly. Most youth sleeping bags come with ingenious features that are designed to keep your kids extra comfortable. The most important thing you need to consider for your child is their comfort, which is why you when choosing a sleeping bag for your child you should look for the same things you would want in any sleeping bag you select for yourself. Comfort and warmth are extremely important because…

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    Mummy Sleeping Bags for Sale

    In the 21st century, there are tons of tasks every individual has at hand, such as work, education, finances, health, technology, etc. Everyone needs and deserves a break from their tough routine at some point. And what could be better than spending time with nature in order to relax? In everyday busy lives, there has to be something that allows you to feel like your true selves and going on a camping or hiking trip will let you do just that. But in order to spend your time there, consider some important things that you must carry along with you. The first and foremost are the mummy sleeping bags. Most…

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    Snugpak Basecamp Sleeping Bag for Camping Lovers

    There is nothing like a good camping trip out in the woods and then sleeping under the stars. This experience can give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. Today we live our life around the clock, we have a monotonous routine that includes going to work and then coming back home. We somehow miss the things that excite us and that is why it is very important to get away from city life and live a few days near nature. Camping gives you that opportunity to get away from city life and spend a few days in the wilderness. There is nothing compared to the happiness when you get to do…

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    Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag for Comfortable Sleeping in the Woods

    Outdoor adventures can be very entertaining especially if you are a person who loves to explore nature and embark on adventurous ventures in life. When we talk about nature, adventure and fun, the first thing that comes to our mind is camping. Camping and trekking are associated with taking you a little closer to nature. Camping involves sleeping in the open air. Although camping is not supposed to be a comforting experience, a gunn creek 30 sleeping bag can make it a bit easier. Today you can find supreme quality tents that almost give you a very luxurious feel and provide you the best comfort even in the wilderness. But…