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    Outdoor survival tools: must have pieces of outdoor survival tools

    These days, with the increasing rates of natural disasters, surviving outdoors has become more difficult than ever. Whether you are a survivalist or not, outdoor survival tools are must have. Even if the highest outdoor adventure you will have is a walk in the woods, outdoor survival tools. Outdoor preparedness is fundamentally about meeting the most basic needs first. So, your outdoor survival tools will start from the basics. You will need knives for cutting and clearing your path, a saw is also important for cutting. For finding locations, you will need a compass. A whistle is necessary for calling for help. You need a flashlight to enable you to…

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    Basic supplies in a disaster preparedness kit

    The alarming rate of disasters and its unpredictability makes a disaster preparedness kit a must-have. When tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes or volcanoes erupt, it is important that you are well-prepared. A disaster preparedness supplies is top on the list for these times. An adequate disaster preparedness kit is one that contains some recommended basic supplies. A disaster preparedness kit contains one gallon of water per person. This water is both for drinking and sanitation, and enough to last at least three days. Garbage and plastic bags are included for sanitary purposes to prevent contamination. Further, the kit contains non-perishable food that is enough to last at least three days. It includes…

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    What to expect in a 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit

    Outdoors activities are unpredictable, that is why a 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit is a great choice. This kit offers the materials necessary to survive for days in the outdoors. The question therefore is – what should you expect? A 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit contains food and water, light and communication, shelter and warmth. It also contains tools, first aid kit, hygiene and sanitation kit and a number of other items. The food and water contained in this kit have a 5 years shelf-life. It provides enough nutrition to last two people for 72 hours. Each person gets a gallon of water per day for drinking and…

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    Plan Your Camping with Essential Family Survival Supplies

    Going for a hike, a picnic, camping and just enjoying the outdoors with your family is one of those things we call important aspects of life. This is because it creates a space for bonding and understanding each other. However, sometimes things might not go as planned and you might require some help. An emergency can occur and you are all alone. Having family survival supplies that can help you solve the problem is necessary. Without knowing what might happen out there, it is always a good idea to have family survival supplies to ensure that you and your family stay safe outdoors. You might disregard the importance of these…

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    The Mini Survival Kit Can Save Your Life

    What many people tend to be afraid of when it comes to learning how to survive, is the purchase of a complete survival kit. Well, a full kit might be costly to some people while it is affordable to others. If you are on a budget but still want to acquire a survival kit, you should consider purchasing a mini survival kit. It contains the most essential survival items that you might require wherever your outdoor activities might lead you to. You do not necessarily need the complete kit when the mini survival kit can do the job for you. the good thing about the mini kit is that it…

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    Teach Your Children Survival Skills Using Children’s Outdoor Survival Kit

    The best time to teach someone basic survival skills is when they are children. Teaching children survival skills equips them with the necessary skills to deal with various events in their lives as they grow up. It enables them to handle anything that comes their way. Kids are easy to teach and they are able to understand fast. Kids love outdoors and if you want to teach them basic survival skills, it is advisable to carry children’s outdoor survival kit. To ensure that your kids learn and are always prepared for any eventualities, it is a good idea to teach them the importance of carrying the children’s outdoor survival kit.…

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    Benefits of Having An Emergency Survival Blanket

    The cold and harsh weather conditions put you at dangerous risks if you’re not prepared for an emergency, or if you conquer the wild without the right gear and clothing. Warm yourself after a day of outdoor activities and cozy up in an emergency survival blanket. It comes with important benefits you should highly consider looking into. It’s hard to imagine comfort when you’re sleeping on the earth looking up at the sky. Okay, that’s not a bad idea at all, but you need to protect yourself from the elements if you want to go back and do it all over again. More than for keeping warm during outdoor fun,…

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    The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Tools

    Survivalism, camping, trekking, fishing – these, over the years have become such a big trend and a fun hobby for many, more so for those who enjoy extreme outdoor adventures. Outdoor survival tools are of utmost importance if you’re looking to join the rising love for nature activities and experiences. You’ll find hundreds of Outdoor survival tools claiming to be the best in the market, but which one of these products should you really invest it? Don’t worry, and don’t focus too much on what the best this and that are popping out in the field of outdoor tools because you’ll only get overwhelmed. Instead, start by listing down the…

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    What To Buy: Survival Gear For Sale

    Always prepare for the worst and have all the right gear and the essential survival items for when emergencies and calamities strike, whether you’re at home or out on a rough adventure. Protect yourself and your family, don’t think twice about shopping for survival gear for sale. If you don’t know what survival tool and equipment to buy, we have some great recommendations for you to consider. When you’re out to buy survival gear for sale, start with the basics in mind. Your survival and emergency preparedness kit should include knives, multitools and safety goggles. For hygiene, a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, wet wipes, and tissues. Expect power outage in…