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    Choosing the right family survival supplies

    Ensuring your family is in the best position is your number 1 priority. That includes making sure that things are taken care of in case of emergency, too. Before you continue, make a list of situations that you should be prepared for. You should consider 72-hours, 1-week and beyond one week as good starting points. Having the right supplies for your family could make a big difference in a tight spot like a flood or tornado. Perhaps the easiest thing to prepare is long-term-storage food as is provided by several companies like Wise or Making sure that you have a generator is important when prepping for an emergency. Flood,…

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    Preparing Car Emergency Essentials

    When it comes to an emergency, you can never be too prepared. Emergencies are going to happen regardless of whether you’re prepared, so you should do what you can while you can to be prepared for them with car emergency essentials. We can’t prepare for everything, but we can prepare and be ready for many things. That is why having supplies ready and standing by is so important. Your car being ready is no exception. There are several things that we can get ready that will prove useful that you can prepare for. This blog will go over several of those major things that you can have prepared in case…

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    Different Types of Wise Fire Bucket

    Whether or not you’re an avid outdoors person or you’re new to survival and you’re just trying to prepare for the worst-case scenario, you’ve likely heard of Wise Company. OR maybe you’ve heard of the Wise fire bucket. If not, they are a premier provider of survival solutions that include prepackaged food as well as kits that help you survive in the outdoors. These aren’t the only thing Wise does but for the sake of this blog, it’s what we will cover. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Wise buckets. You don’t need to have previous knowledge about survival or Wise to take advantage of the advantages of the Wise Company.…

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    Benefits And Drawbacks of Freeze Dried Fruit

    If you’re considering purchasing survival food or an emergency food supply, or if you’re just curious about eating freeze-dried fruit, this blog aims to help you figure out some of the things you should know. We won’t go into the exact process of making freeze-dried fruit, there are plenty of articles and blogs out there about that. There are many misconceptions about freeze-dried fruit. It’s a common rumor that freeze-dried fruit is less healthy than fresh fruit- this isn’t the case. Freeze-dried fruit retains the same nutrients if not more than the fresh variety. The fruit that is freeze-dried is often picked at the peak of its ripeness so it…

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    Travel Size Emergency Kit for Safe Travels

    If you are someone who loves to travel and go on adventurous trips, Travel Size Emergency Kit is something you must have with you all the time. The problem with emergencies is that they are always unexpected and unpredicted. To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, having an emergency kit is highly recommended. The reason why most of the people do not have one is due to its size. If the size of the kit is too big, carrying it around becomes a hassle. A good Travel Size Emergency Kit should be able to carry all the essentials that you might need in case of an emergency.…

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    Outdoor survival tools: must have pieces of outdoor survival tools

    These days, with the increasing rates of natural disasters, surviving outdoors has become more difficult than ever. Whether you are a survivalist or not, outdoor survival tools are must have. Even if the highest outdoor adventure you will have is a walk in the woods, outdoor survival tools. Outdoor preparedness is fundamentally about meeting the most basic needs first. So, your outdoor survival tools will start from the basics. You will need knives for cutting and clearing your path, a saw is also important for cutting. For finding locations, you will need a compass. A whistle is necessary for calling for help. You need a flashlight to enable you to…

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    Basic supplies in a disaster preparedness kit

    The alarming rate of disasters and its unpredictability makes a disaster preparedness kit a must-have. When tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes or volcanoes erupt, it is important that you are well-prepared. A disaster preparedness supplies is top on the list for these times. An adequate disaster preparedness kit is one that contains some recommended basic supplies. A disaster preparedness kit contains one gallon of water per person. This water is both for drinking and sanitation, and enough to last at least three days. Garbage and plastic bags are included for sanitary purposes to prevent contamination. Further, the kit contains non-perishable food that is enough to last at least three days. It includes…

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    What to expect in a 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit

    Outdoors activities are unpredictable, that is why a 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit is a great choice. This kit offers the materials necessary to survive for days in the outdoors. The question therefore is – what should you expect? A 2 person deluxe backpack survival kit contains food and water, light and communication, shelter and warmth. It also contains tools, first aid kit, hygiene and sanitation kit and a number of other items. The food and water contained in this kit have a 5 years shelf-life. It provides enough nutrition to last two people for 72 hours. Each person gets a gallon of water per day for drinking and…

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    Plan Your Camping with Essential Family Survival Supplies

    Going for a hike, a picnic, camping and just enjoying the outdoors with your family is one of those things we call important aspects of life. This is because it creates a space for bonding and understanding each other. However, sometimes things might not go as planned and you might require some help. An emergency can occur and you are all alone. Having family survival supplies that can help you solve the problem is necessary. Without knowing what might happen out there, it is always a good idea to have family survival supplies to ensure that you and your family stay safe outdoors. You might disregard the importance of these…

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    The Mini Survival Kit Can Save Your Life

    What many people tend to be afraid of when it comes to learning how to survive, is the purchase of a complete survival kit. Well, a full kit might be costly to some people while it is affordable to others. If you are on a budget but still want to acquire a survival kit, you should consider purchasing a mini survival kit. It contains the most essential survival items that you might require wherever your outdoor activities might lead you to. You do not necessarily need the complete kit when the mini survival kit can do the job for you. the good thing about the mini kit is that it…