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    Storing Your Bulk Freeze-Dried Vegetables

    There are many reasons to prepare or purchase food that will keep for a long time. If you and your family love to camp, taking along freeze-dried or dehydrated food is a fast, effective and cost-efficient way of making sure that everyone has tasty meals to eat out in the wilderness. If you are more concerned about being prepared for natural disasters or situations that might have you stuck in the house for a time, like flooding, blackouts or storms, there is nothing more reassuring than having a solid supply of long-lasting food in your home, ready for when you need it. When you have purchased bulk freeze dried vegetables,…

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    The Benefits of a 2-Person Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit

    It’s important that you start to prepare for any kind of emergency by storing an emergency survival kit in your home so that your family is prepared to shelter anywhere after a natural disaster. Not everyone knows how to assemble a survival kit, which is why we have decided to simplify the process and share how a family of two can pack their survival kit to survive the aftermath of any natural disaster. Most people don’t realize that store bought items like bottled water and canned food can be stored safely for more than a year. The 2-person deluxe backpack survival kit has been designed for emergency preparedness experts and…

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    Top Tips for Creating a Family Emergency Food Supply

    A natural disaster or a pandemic could force you to evacuate your home, which will throw all your best-laid plans into chaos. Most people barely manage to plan for basic home emergencies, which means they don’t even get the chance to think about planning for the unknown. However, stockpiling water and food is just like insurance. Your home may never face a natural disaster, but if it does happen and you’re without water, food and general services your family emergency food supply is going to prove priceless. Natural disasters are getting stronger every year as the Earth starts to heat up, which means that it is high time you thought…

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    How Freeze-Dried Food in Bulk Can Save Your Life in a Disaster

    When disaster strikes the area where you are living, you can be certain that power and water is going to be shut off indefinitely. That poses a real problem for individuals who chose to ride out the storm instead of evacuating. Some people have no choice but to stick around, as they don’t have the means to evacuate all their belongings and their pets with them. But how do you plan on feeding your family and yourself without having necessities that you need to survive. That’s where having a healthy backup storage of emergency water and freeze fried food in bulk can make a massive difference. The best thing about…

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    How to Pack Your Disaster Preparedness Kit?

    In today’s world being prepared for natural disasters is essential especially for individuals who live in areas that are prone to or at high risk to these calamities. There have been several instances in the past decade where category 5 hurricanes and snow storms have ruined entire communities, with millions of people stranded without food, water and electricity for months on end. Scientists have predicted that with the earth’s core heating up these natural disasters are only going to increase in intensity. Therefore, it’s wise to be prepared by being equipped with proper supplies that will act as your safety net in the event of a natural disaster. You can…

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    The Essential Emergency Preparedness Supplies You’ll Need for Any Disaster

    Shortage of food supplies and store closures are normal occurrences after a major disaster and with global warming wreaking havoc on the planet, even small disasters are powerful enough to destroy power stations and throw your community into the Dark Ages. Most people are ill equipped to survive a catastrophic disaster as they don’t have adequate supplies of water and food along with other critical emergency supplies stored. There have been several monster hurricanes that have pummeled the U.S. east coast, and you can add earthquakes, mud slides, wildfires, and tornadoes to that list as well. Don’t think that you’re never going to experience something like that, and its important…

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    How to Start Building Your Emergency Food Supply?

    There have been several disastrous events in the past decade that have resulted in severe food shortages, and it’s easy to think that won’t happen to you. The reality is that ‘global warming’ has had a very real effect on the environment resulting in catastrophic natural disasters. Building an emergency food supply guarantees that you’re going to be prepared if such a disaster strikes near your home. The sad part is that if you search online for information regarding food storage, you realize there is no real meaningful information that you can use. So, you’re left asking questions like, “where do I begin?”, “what’s the best strategy?”, “how do I…

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    Choosing the right family survival supplies

    Ensuring your family is in the best position is your number 1 priority. That includes making sure that things are taken care of in case of emergency, too. Before you continue, make a list of situations that you should be prepared for. You should consider 72-hours, 1-week and beyond one week as good starting points. Having the right supplies for your family could make a big difference in a tight spot like a flood or tornado. Perhaps the easiest thing to prepare is long-term-storage food as is provided by several companies like Wise or Making sure that you have a generator is important when prepping for an emergency. Flood,…

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    Preparing Car Emergency Essentials

    When it comes to an emergency, you can never be too prepared. Emergencies are going to happen regardless of whether you’re prepared, so you should do what you can while you can to be prepared for them with car emergency essentials. We can’t prepare for everything, but we can prepare and be ready for many things. That is why having supplies ready and standing by is so important. Your car being ready is no exception. There are several things that we can get ready that will prove useful that you can prepare for. This blog will go over several of those major things that you can have prepared in case…

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    Different Types of Wise Fire Bucket

    Whether or not you’re an avid outdoors person or you’re new to survival and you’re just trying to prepare for the worst-case scenario, you’ve likely heard of Wise Company. OR maybe you’ve heard of the Wise fire bucket. If not, they are a premier provider of survival solutions that include prepackaged food as well as kits that help you survive in the outdoors. These aren’t the only thing Wise does but for the sake of this blog, it’s what we will cover. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Wise buckets. You don’t need to have previous knowledge about survival or Wise to take advantage of the advantages of the Wise Company.…