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Essential Items For A Complete Car Emergency Kit

Road accidents are more common than we think. Hence, protect yourself out there by making sure that you have a complete car emergency kit. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself involved in one or in a broken down vehicle in the middle of nowhere, you know you are ready enough to survive on your own until help arrives.

A complete car emergency kit is now available in many survival gear stores online, conveniently packed and ready for your next drive. But if you want to add some items or seek to build your own personal auto kit, then start by getting a first aid kit for your car. Fill it with essential first aid items, medicines, alcohol, and tissue packs. Don’t just think car tools when preparing your car emergency kit since the complete ones also include food items like food bars and water. Be sure to also have a flashlight with extra batteries, blanket, and a body warmer.

Since it is a complete car emergency kit after all, then yes, you need your tools. Have in your kit some battery jumper cables, tire inflator, tire pressure gauge, work gloves, oil funnel, reflective safety vest, compact multi-function shovel, and reflective triangle.