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How to Pick the Best Tents for Camping

Tired of your old tent? Or is this your first time buying a tent? Well, summer is right around the corner and with it, your favorite summer pastime – camping. Now whether you’re driving up to the campground because of its facilities or you plan on enjoying the nearby activities, you need to know how to pick the right tent. It’ll probably take you a whole year to compare the best tents on the internet – so why not just pick a brand that is known for the best camping gear? Having said that, what could possibly be better than finding Coleman tents online? You probably already know how Coleman has it all. We, at Outdoor Gear, have made sure that our online shop features the very best from Coleman.

The first thing you need to consider is the tent’s sleeping capacity. When you’re browsing through our Coleman tent online shop, do take your time to consider additional space for pets, gear, and, of course, extra friends. Naturally, there is no set industry standard for per-person tents. Still, you need to make sure you upsize your choice of the tent by the capacity of at least one person. Other than this, think about how claustrophobic each individual is or how much they twist and turn throughout the night. Of course, if you’re expecting to have ‘larger than average’ people, you should definitely think about upsizing your tent by at least three people for more breathing room and comfort.

Another very important consideration is the tent seasonality. While browsing through our Coleman tents online shop, think about whether you plan on using these tents throughout the year or only during the summers. Of course, more seasons will mean a higher investment, but think about how much you’ll save if you make plans in a different time of year or if you’re faced with freak weather. The highest you can go is 4-season tents, and these are engineered to stand firm against substantial snow loads and fierce winds – but their construction may hinder ventilation during mild weather. To understand what we’re going on about, browse through our shop and match your favorite with these considerations. Plus, you can also browse through our massive collection of camping gear once you’re done sifting through our Coleman tents online shop. Trust us! You’re in for a great summer adventure if you pick any one of our Coleman tents.