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Outdoor survival tools: must have pieces of outdoor survival tools

These days, with the increasing rates of natural disasters, surviving outdoors has become more difficult than ever. Whether you are a survivalist or not, outdoor survival tools are must have. Even if the highest outdoor adventure you will have is a walk in the woods, outdoor survival tools.

Outdoor preparedness is fundamentally about meeting the most basic needs first. So, your outdoor survival tools will start from the basics. You will need knives for cutting and clearing your path, a saw is also important for cutting. For finding locations, you will need a compass. A whistle is necessary for calling for help. You need a flashlight to enable you to move around in the dark. Fire starter stone and flint, AA battery, tactical pen are also important. All these tools can fit into a stormproof compact box.

Furthermore, you will need a communication device. First, you need a radio to get information about where to find help. Then you need a phone and charged batteries. Another important item is a first aid kit. In case of an injury, a first aid kit may just be all the help you will have. Also, remember to include food and shelter in your gear.