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Perfect for Mild Weather Backpacking: Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag

You know you have a winner when veteran campers hold onto a sleeping bag for years on end. With Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag’s high performing synthetic fill, you’ll find that it is the perfect product for mild weather camping and backpacking. Need a little more than our guarantee? It’s understandable because this sleeping bag’s Insotect Hotstream feature dries up much faster than others and provides the perfect amount of warmth – even when it’s wet! Naturally, this is an important feature to have during humid or wet weather climates. What’s more, this sleeping bag’s Nylon rip-stop shell fabric offers users with the right surface treatment to help protect the insulation and repel moisture.

In traditional sleeping bag systems, the actual bag is almost always on the top. This is why campers experience that annoying roll-off at night. What’s more, the insulation at the bottom of these bags also gets compressed because of the users’ weight. Naturally, when the insulation gets compressed, the sleeping bag loses most, if not all, of its value. The Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag is unique because it joins the pad and the actual bag together. As a result, its pad only slides onto the sleeve at the bottom, making sure you have an adequate supply of insulation for at least 2/3rd of the bag. If you decide to gift yourself the Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag, you will be able to twist, turn, and roll freely throughout the night – just as you would at home.

Rest assured, spending a night in the Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag will provide you with the best mix of comfort and warmth. Plus, its contoured hood is also insulated – making sure you don’t need to look for products with a draught collar. Instead, this sleeping bag offers you a full-length draught tube that has been sewn onto the back of the zipper. Another wedge in between the sleeping pad and bag stops any remaining cold air from sneaking in between them. To sum it all up, with the Gunn Creek 30 Sleeping Bag, you’re in for a pristine night’s sleep outdoors, as if you were tucked away in the sanctity of your home. Don’t wait around and let all your travel buddies know about this all-season sleeping bag.