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Previewing Big Agnes Sleeping Bags

As the winter winds whip and the chill settles in, many of us are dreaming of those summer days spent out in the woods or the springtime hikes that we went on. The coolness of the spring and the crisp air- It’s a far cry from the winter time. Even though the weather is too much for many of us to camp, we can still prepare by getting new gear and this is a great time to buy it as well. With the holiday season here and spring around the corner many stores and companies will be looking to get rid of older models of gear and want to get the new and the greatest in for the new season. You can find some great deals on camping gear, including Big Agnes sleeping bags and more. Big Agnes are great sleeping bags that are both innovative and extra comfy because of their unique design.

The first Big Agnes sleeping back we look at is the Anvil Horn 15 degrees. This bag is designed to excel in any situation and it is insulated to withstand cold. IT features patented Downtek and is a roomy and spacious rectangular bag. It is streamlined and super simple to use and also features the Flex Pad sleeve and keeps you in your pad all night and not rolling off like many other bags allow you to do. This is a fine bag for the money and comes in around $270 to $320 depending on where you purchase it. Stay warm from your nose to your toes with this exceptionally well made sleeping bag. The second sleeping bag we look at is the Blackburn UL 0 and it is an ultralight sleeping bag that is good up to zero degrees. This bag shines when you really need it by keeping you close to the pad and on the pad by removing unneeded insulation from the bottom of the bag and allowing the design of its pad to cradle you and snuggle you in place. It’s hard to stay warm at temperatures that low and this one comes in at a price of around $500. A great investment for the money this bag is made to last as well and features a warranty and is really a great looking bag as well.

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