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Emergency Preparedness

Stock Up On Freeze Dried Fruit For Emergencies

One of the most important items to stock up on in preparing for an emergency is ready-to-eat food that will not spoil for a long time. One good example is freeze dried fruit, a healthy food option that’s also big on taste and nutritional value.

In stocking up food for your survival and emergency preparedness supplies, include freeze dried fruit to the mix. This crispy and tasty snack option have a shelf-life of over 20 years. They are a delicious snack that’s great even for everyday munching. It’s more common to see people pile up on canned food but unfortunately, many of those products do not provide much in the way of healthy sustenance. Plus, they do require a bit of work to prepare and eat. If you’ve made the decision to include freeze dried fruit in your emergency food stock, make sure to have enough for everyone, at least for 72 hours.

Due to their increasing popularity and demand, you can now find freeze dried fruit in certain number of packs and servings. You can even find your favorite fruit dried for longer consumption such as peaches, apples, bananas, and strawberries.