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The Key to Finding Affordable Tents for Families

A favorite past time for most families is car camping, and whether the campground is the main attraction or it’s just your base camp for nearby activities, this article is going to find the right camping tent that will be your home away from home. The problem most people face when it comes to shopping for tents is that there are too many options out there in the market. We’ll break down everything to give you the key to finding affordable tents for families right here. The first thing to focus on when selecting your tent is to choose a model that is based on your group’s size and whether you need additional space for gear, dogs, or extra friends. You should keep in mind that there is no industry standard that will define per-person tent dimensions.

When you’re evaluating tent capacity ratings, our advice is to assume a close fit, and if you want more room, you should think about upgrading your tent capacity by one person. Another thing to consider is the tents seasonality and the most popular choice for most people are 3-season tents that are lightweight shelters designed for relatively temperate conditions of fall, spring, and summer. They are generally equipped with ample mesh panels to boost airflow as they keep out insects and properly pitched tents with a taut rainfly can withstand downpours as well. However, they won’t do so well if exposed to heavy snow, violent winds, or harsh storms.

The main tent features that you want to consider are the peak height of the tent, and if you want to be able to stand inside the tent, you should look for one with a high ceiling. Cabin-style tents are the best option to go with here, and some even come with room dividers and an awning. If you’re tall or want additional space in the tent for your family, you should think about getting a tent with a floor length of 90 inches. Tent doors are another feature to consider, and this is where cabin-style tents steal the show because when you’re camping with family, having multiple doors helps you avoid climbing over others to get outside for your midnight bathroom breaks. A tent pole’s structure helps determine how hard or easy it is to pitch, and nearly all family tents found on the market today are free-standing. They don’t need stakes to set up, and the biggest advantage is that you can pick the tent up and move it to a different location before staking.