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Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent for Sale

Your camping tent is your second home without a zip code, whether you love backcountry camping or car camping. With it, you can make your residence in a stunning national park, sleeping under the stars in a lush valley. Get a tent to store in your outdoors backpack and set off on multiple-day hiking trips, bringing a compact and dependable home base with you wherever you go.

We have a variety of tents and camping shelters in our online market that will get you set up quickly and comfortably in the great outdoors. Our varieties include wenzel pine ridge tent, backpacking expedition tents which are of light weight, therefore, can be carried more easily on a backpack for miles. We also have family and domestic tents, they are larger and more comfortable with easier in and out access. In our stores, you can also find outfitter tents which are designed to be outback lodges and base camps for longer hunting and fishing trips. Don’t forget tent accessories and supplies for tent repairs!

Our collection of tents come in all shapes and sizes and therefore there can be no shortage of options for you. Are you out there wondering where to start? Think about the activity that you are planning and the number of people that will be involved. This will help in the selection of a suitable tent. Buy a Wenzel pine ridge tent to suit your needs and you won’t regret.