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Why Mummy Sleeping Bags Are the Best Choice for Camping

One of the main pieces of gear you’re going to be using overnight in the outdoors is your sleeping bag, and we are going to assist you in finding what style of bag is best for camping. It doesn’t matter if you intend to sleep in the backcountry or in a campground, you must choose between two shapes for sleeping bags, which are the rectangular-shaped sleeping bag and the more traditional mummy-style sleeping, which is more compact and form-fitting. This bag tends to resemble an Egyptian mummy, hence the name. First, let’s get one thing clear, all types of sleeping bags have their own characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths, and we’re going to explore them all in greater detail in this article. Our goal is to provide you with factual information, so you know for sure that mummy sleeping bags are the best choice for camping outdoors.

The first thing we’ll look at is sleeping bag comfort, and compared to rectangular sleeping bags, the design for mummy sleeping bags offers less room inside, which can cause some people to feel constricted. Apart from that, a person in a mummy bag must lie on their back when sleeping, and in contrast, a rectangular sleeping bag provides you with freedom of movement and various sleeping positions. Next, you must consider sleeping bag warmth, and this is where the mummy sleeping bag is the clear winner as it keeps you warm in cold temperatures and when they’re fully closed, only the nose and mouth of the sleeper will be exposed. The form-fitting nature of mummy bags will not only increase its insulation qualities but will reduce the amount of air around the body, so there is less heat generated to maintain a constant temperature.

Most rectangular bags are only suited for temperatures above freezing since they are rated for extreme temperatures and are heavier, which doesn’t make them ideal choices for camping. Mummy style sleeping bags are lighter in comparison, which makes them ideal for backcountry camping as you can carry them on your back for long distances along with your gear. The biggest influencing factor that gives mummy-style sleeping bags the win here is the cost factor, and most serious campers agree they are the better choice as they are light on the pocket. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how frequently you intend to camp, personal preference, and your budget.