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Why You NEED a Multi-Tool in the Outdoors

If you believe that hunting and fishing multi-tools are a modern consideration, you’re mistaken. This idea dates back to about 201 to 300 AD – which by the way, is as far back as the Roman Empire. The earliest examples, however, were based purely around eating and presumably gave soldiers a larger assortment of utensils on-the-go. It wasn’t until WW2 that these multi-tools gained popularity on a global scale – which is why they are still commonly known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’. Now, these multi-tools can be found with a large variety of tools and carry options because metalworkers and engineers keep revisiting the idea of making them more compact and versatile.

The idea behind a hunting and fishing multi-tool is quite simply to be prepared for every situation. The irony, however, is that there are very few people in the outdoors who actually choose to carry one. Almost every nuance in these multi-tools is going to prove to be functional for your needs – in one way or another – as long as you know how to work them. If we were to describe these tools in one specific word, we’d call them ‘useful.’ Yes, they aren’t too great for complex jobs, but they can easily get all your outdoorsy small jobs done in a jiffy. Marking a surface, cutting or prying something open, opening bottles, measuring your catch, tightening a screw – you name it. Hunting and fishing multi-tools have it all.

However, when you’re searching for multi-tools, make sure that you go through each individual product’s specifications. Now, some people can get through with a product that has just a few tools, but you’ve got to measure your own gaps. One important consideration is to look for the appropriate denominations such as miles, inches, centimeters, or millimeters. There are also some hunting and fishing multi-tools out there that come fixed with key chains or pocket clips that can be hooked on to belt loops. If you think you’ll find the right product when you see it, then there is no better place to browse through products than CU Outdoor Gear. Browse through our list of products to see the different kinds of hunting and fishing tools for your outdoor needs, and you’ll surely come across the perfect product. Do as the Romans do!